About Us

If you’re looking to make any kind of luxury real estate transaction you’ve come to the right place. We offer an assortment of professional services that fit almost any real estate need.

Services We Provide

Full-service property listing. Including “MLS” exposure and Internet exposure. We are successful in selling many of our own listing which provides the seller with a smoother transaction and reduced costs.

A variety of lending services. “A” paper, sub-prime lending, second trust deeds, hard money loans to cash sales. We run our own credit reports, do our own processing and both do our own funding and broker the funds from investors. We are able to issue pre-qualification letters and have traveling Notary service available for those who need it.

Full-service property management. We screen tenants, originate and execute contracts, do inspections, arrange repairs, and give notices. We handle every aspect of the process so our clients don’t have to.

What distinguishes us from other Real Estate Companies?

We have professionals that speak Chinese, Tagalog, Spanish and, of course, English. We pride ourselves on being ethnically diverse and feel that we represent a good picture of American culture.

We pride ourselves on customer service and ethical standards that meet or exceed the required real estate standards.